Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stephen Harper fights with his publicist.

Stephen Harper is fighting with his publicist. In yet another example of the current government's ear wetness, a proposed ad campaign has been delayed for another six months due to disagreements over the content.

The Conservative government hired a Toronto based Marketing firm to create an ad-campaign to increase their popularity, especially with younger voters. The Firm, OBG inc. (Oldies but Goodies) has decided to piggy back the ipod's success with a 'Think Different' campaign for Stephen Harper. The company drew up samples, used focus groups and conducted surveys. All signs pointed to a 'Go' but what the signs were really pointing to was a 'Stop! Let me read that. Think diff... What the &%$@?'

Harper refused to use the 'Think Different' slogan unless they included his second, less potent, addendum:

One of the first failed prototypes.

"Well obviously we're not going to use that slogan without an addendum. I'm not gay."
- Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

OBG decided against going ahead with Harper's addendum. So a new slogan was decided upon which just as quickly had its own addendum and was just as quickly scrapped. Other failed slogans and their addendums include:

  • "Harper: he's your man." ad: "But not in a homosexual way."
  • "Harper, Just Do it." ad: "The 'it' isn't sex. Especially not gay sex."
  • "Call him the Hammer." ad: "But not a tool. Especially not a gay tool."
  • "Vote Harper." ad: "I'm not gay."
"I just don't see how any of our ads have anything to do with any kind of homosexual issue let alone whether or not the Prime Minister is gay."
- Ron Teel, Executive Director, OBG Inc.

Ron Teel was fired shortly after making that last comment which caused more delays in the already backed-up campaign. With their room in the polls shrinking these green Conservatives are becoming a tad frustrated. One thing they're not though, is gay.

- The Blogastair, reporting live on location, Parliament HIll, Ottawa, Ontario


Anonymous said...

How can you make such disparaging suggestions about a truly great prime minister. You must have voted ndp in the last election. shame on you.

Alastair P. Forbes said...

First of all, 'anonymous'(I know who you are), I am not making disparaging comments about the Prime Minister, I am simply reporting the news.

Second of all, 'anonymous', I can't imagine anyone voting Liberal would say that our Prime Minister is truly great, shame on YOU!